Museum of Science, Boston – R&D Project

The Museum of Science in Boston reached out to my team for help with creating an educational game on Roblox. We created a small game for them in 3 months to show off what can be done on the platform when given a tight schedule & limited resources.

Rodux Utils

Rodux Utils started as a collection of useful functions that I found myself writing a lot when working with Rodux. It has expanded into a much larger set of tools, including concepts commonly used in the Redux world, like selectors and slices. I’ve published it as a Wally package under the MIT license.


Immut is a draft-based immutable data library. It takes the same role as Immer.js in the JavaScript world, and has a very similar API. I wrote it alongside some major improvements to Rodux Utils with the intention of integrating it directly into the createReducer and createSlice functions. In the end, I decided to make it its own standalone library.


The Known Galaxy

The Known Galaxy is a community-driven experience which is heavily influenced by Star Wars. Players are able to join one of two opposing factions and climb through the ranks, participate in large-scale battles across multiple maps, complete new challenges every day, and customize their characters. I was a lead developer, and my team was responsible for rewriting the existing codebase to take advantage of a fully managed Rojo workflow. This enabled us to work with industry standard tooling, such as source control with Git and continuous integration & deployment with GitHub actions.

Rodux Hooks

While working on The Known Galaxy, I created Rodux Hooks to facilitate accessing a Rodux store with Roact Hooks. After some testing, I released it under the MIT license and published it as a Wally package. Since then, it’s been used in a few different projects ranging between studio plugins and games.


Algae is a library that attempts to mimic Rust’s “fat” enums in Lua. Included is a match function which tries to emulate Rust’s match expressions. It also works with regular Roblox enums. There are some other useful utilities, but those are the main two. Algae has made things really easy for me in my current side project! I intend to open source it once I’ve had a bit more time to work out the kinks.


The Known Galaxy logo

The Known Galaxy – UI

I was contracted by the dev team for The Known Galaxy in 2021 to refresh their user interface. I created a bunch of UI elements and advised the team on how to best integrate them into their existing codebase.


Clash of the Force

Clash of the Force is a team-based hero combat game inspired by Star Wars. Players can choose from a multitude of heroes to play as, and battle it out in popular locations from the series. I was contracted to create different game modes & an XP system. Players could earn XP for beating other players in combat and winning matches. A major goal for this project was ensuring it played well on mobile platforms.


Lightsaber Combat

In 2016, I created a lightsaber combat system that became ubiquitous within the Star Wars community on Roblox. It’s still being used to this day! The Known Galaxy uses a modernized version of it, alongside many other games. This was my first foray into creating something that other people could use in their own projects. Though it was not initially available for everyone to use, I decided to make them open source after I moved on from the project in 2017. I credit a lot of the recognition I receive on Roblox to this project, and it’s a big reason I’ve continued to work on Roblox games to this day.


A bank heist gone right